Zero limits
Suitable for any access control system due to its high versatility and flexibility: it can be placed anywhere thanks to its adjustable 10x zoom lens. Remote-controlled IP camera designed to read vehicle number plates in access control systems such as:
  • car parks with number plate recognition technology
  • hotels and campsites car parks
  • toll systems
  • residential and staff car parks
  • at ports and airports
  • anywhere automatic barriers or gates are present.
  • (*) TARGA 504 (an advanced version of TARGA 512) was designed for those who are looking for:
  • a camera suitable for any situation thanks to its high precision optics;
  • a device that never makes mistakes and guarantees maximum accuracy in reading number plates even when they are dirty, damaged and/or worn-out;
  • an easy-to-install license plate reader;
  • a product compatible with all main access control systems, smart, with an independent automatic system.
flexibility, easy installation, high accuracy and resolution, maintenance-free, complete and independent system, full compatibility with all access control systems

Remote-controlled IP camera with optical character recognition (OCR) software for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). This means the camera automatically reads the number plate of any vehicle: cars, motorcycles, lorries, motorhomes, buses, ambulances, law enforcement vehicles, etc. Unlike TARGA 512 camera that is fitted with a fixed focal-length lens, TARGA 504 is equipped with an adjustable varifocal lens (10x zoom) that enhances its accuracy. It also allows more flexibility when placing and adjusting the camera, both in the installation and in the set-up phase. TARGA 504 is highly accurate when reading number plates of vehicles travelling at moderate speed. Thanks to its internal memory, TARGA 504 camera can store special lists of authorized vehicles (white lists), therefore working as an independent access control system, without the need of a computer. Its software checks and updates white lists, allowing access to vehicles even in the event of a computer shut-down or of an interruption in the connection between the camera and the operations centre.
Car plate reading OCR sensor 2 MP 2 MP 2 MP 3 MP
Color context sensor Wide VGA Wide VGA Wide VGA 5 MP
Width of the gate 4m 4m 4m 7m (dual lane)
Reading distance (min ~ MAX) 1,5m~4,5m (F=8mm)
3m~9m (F=16mm)
3m~10m 5m~25m 5m~25m
Standard lens fixed 8mm o 16mm varifocal 5-55mm varifocal 5-55mm varifocal 12-40mm
Max recommended vehicle speed 15 Km/h 40 Km/h 60 Km/h 90 Km/h
Max speed 40 Km/h 60 Km/h 80 Km/h 100 Km/h
Reading accuracy 98% 99.8% 99.8% 99.8%
Type of reading Car plate reading Car plate reading Car plate reading Car plate reading on dual lane
Car plate reading + ADR tables on single lane
Poer supply 12 Vdc
(optional POE+)
230 Vac
(optional 12 Vdc o POE+)
230 Vac
(optional 24 Vdc o POE+)
230 Vac 24 Vdc
(optional POE+)
  • Automated parking
  • Hotel & campgrounds
  • Security and access control
  • Toll systems
  • Residential and business parking spaces control
  • Ports & airports