APP 193
Information within your grasp
APP 193 is an application that can be installed on tablets or smartphones. It is designed to facilitate the work of police staff on the road. APP 193 is a free application that can be downloaded on Play Store and allows police officers to receive images and information about the vehicle that is violating traffic rules. APP 193 is:
  • quick enough to receive notifications in less than 0.8 seconds - images included
  • full of functionalities
  • stable, since it has been tried and tested by more than 1000 police officers who use it in Italy
  • intuitive and easy to use
Moreover, APP 193 can detect and control the cause of a malfunction (if there is no signal, if the camera is switched-off, if the government's database in unavailable, etc.), thus saving police staff’s time. In addition to this, APP 193 automatically cross-checks data among all databases without the need of other applications.
APP 193 APP 193 is FREE* and available on Get it on Google Play
(*) The operation of APP193 is subject to this and to the connection with CPS software. By itself, this APP can not be used.