CPS Manager Center (CPSMC)
THE solution for the police forces
CPS Manager software (CPSMC) can be installed on computers or servers. It is specifically designed by Selea for law enforcement authorities for investigation and control purposes. CPSMC connects to all Selea products installed within a given geographic area and receives only the data relating to vehicles that law enforcement authorities intend to monitor. In other words, CPSMC uses all existing CPS software, without further bandwidth usage, creating private lists inside it. These lists are visible only to the user who creates them and are invisible to any other CPS user. The lists can include all number plates that the law enforcement authority wants to monitor (black lists). The lists are saved and synchronised in all CPS software installed within the selected area and linked to the CPS Manager Center. The benefits this solution offers:
  • using existing systems - no need to purchase new products
  • receiving notifications exclusively related to your private lists from all existing systems linked to the CPSCM, saving on bandwidth usage
  • total privacy and invisibility of data contained in private lists