Private car parks management
PAM is a MULTICAM software module that broadens the scope of application of the latter enabling it to manage parking spaces and access permits to residential, private and public car parks. In residential car parks, where normally there is only one parking space for each family, PAM module can allow users to grant access to one vehicle per family only. PAM signals when the maximum capacity of the car park has been reached. Main features of PAM module are:
  • access granted only to authorised vehicles, with the possibility to create multiple categories of users
  • anti-pass back function that allows a single daily entry for each vehicle
  • displays vehicle description and personal data (address, phone number, photo, etc.) of the user associated with it for an accurate access control that prevents cloned number plates from entering the premises
  • allows to grant unlimited access to selected categories of users in given time frames or days
  • gives the possibility to reserve a given number of park spots to each category of users, managing VIP and guests park spaces, and park passes
  • denies access when the parking facility is completely full
  • activates acoustic and visual alarms
  • launches smart searches for number plates, users, categories, way points and control areas in the database
  • creates .cvs files listing number plate notifications for statistics analyses and customised controls
  • automatically deletes number plates form the database as required by GDPR regulation or in order to free up storage space
  • available in the following versions: supporting 3, 4, 9 or more number plate reading cameras