Safety in motion
ANPR system designed to be placed on law enforcement vehicles to report:
  • stolen vehicles
  • black-listed vehicles
  • traffic offences such as illegally parked vehicles on a two-lane road
  • uninsured, uninspected or impounded vehicles
  • vehicles with lost or stolen number plates
TARGA SCANNER can read number plates of both stationary and moving vehicles, by day and by night.
TARGA SCANNER is a KIT including:
  • a number plate reading camera
  • a tablet to read and consult governments’ databases
  • a case
  • a GPRS/UMTS router
  • a suction-cup mount to fix the camera to the car
  • a tablet stand
  • batteries
  • a charger
TARGA SCANNER by SELEA is a product that allows to easily detect traffic violations without the need to employ more police personnel.
fully operational both day and night, IP66 (weatherproof) camera housing for internal and external use, high accuracy in all conditions, fully-equipped ANPR system, low energy consumption, high resolution, suitable for all situations

IP camera for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) equipped with built-in OCR software that allows to read number plates. Especially suitable for any situation in which maximum reading accuracy is needed: outdoors in different weather conditions, with moving vehicles, at any time of the day/night.
  • Control of the city territory
  • Reporting stolen uninsured and unconditioned vehicles
  • Traffic analysis
  • Road safety
  • City video surveillance
  • Parking check
  • Dual lane parking check
  • Ports & airports