If you have not found the solution to your problem in the aforementioned document, then we ask you to make a request through the TICKETING procedure. Remember to report your data, especially telephone numbers, because if necessary, we will contact you to provide direct and immediate support.

Download the document you find on your far right. It probably contains the solution you are looking for. The document, in fact, reports most of the answers, allowing you to find the solution without wasting time. If your problem does not fall into those listed in the document, then go to the next step and send a FAST TICKET.

The best guarantee that we can offer is certainly to products that do not need assistance, because they are designed with criteria of low-index defect quality. Selea still makes available a team of technicians who will follow you in solving problems of configuration, installation, commissioning or repair.

Pre-sales and engineering support
If you are about to provide a solution to your customer and you have doubts about which product to use, where to install it, or if you will be able to fulfill customer requests, we invite you to request our collaboration. We will be happy to give you full support in order to avoid design mistakes. Please call +39 0375 889091 or write to support(at)

If the system, while working, offers an unsatisfactory result, we invite you to call us directly. Our technical service will help you to fix things because we are convinced of the precision and quality of the products that leave the factory. It often happens that the problem is easily solved and due to simple aspects of configuration, regulation or insertion of some parametric values. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at +39 0375 889091 or to open a ticket through the assistance link support

Accidental breakdown
In the event a product has a malfunction, we invite you to open a ticket through the assistance link . You will receive an immediate response from the most competent person on the subject.
(*) For foreign customers, due to the difference in the time zone, we recommend writing to us via email at support(at) .