To Warranty we mean the free repair of the product and / or parts of the product recognized by SELEA as defective in manufacture or material.

The guarantees offered

  • On all products supplied from 1st January 2015 the guarantee has been extended to 2 years and includes free repair of the product including any defective parts
  • Free updates of the firmware of the equipment
  • Free upgrades of the software
  • Free phone assistance for issues on Selea products

How to proceed
The first thing we suggest you do is sending an email to support(at)selea.com describing as much detail as possible its use and the problems you have encountered. Do not forget to insert all your details (company and telephone) and the SERIAL NUMBER (without which we cannot provide adequate care).
From your description we verify if it matches a solvable problem electronically (plugging the camera into IP). Many problems are solved in this way. Sometimes it's just a matter of adjusting the parameters. Other times it is about lens adjustment or installation.
Our goal is to solve the problem without having to send the product, with much more rapid times and less costs.

The first important thing to do, when you mean to send a product for repair is to complete this RMA reporting the description of the problem and the type of use made of the product (application field). Do not forget to put your company details, email and telephone. As soon as we receive the product, wil will inform you of what we found.
The warranty is of course recognized under presentation of proof of purchase (invoice) of the product object of assistance.
The warranty is only valid in the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey, for products purchased and used exclusively in these countries. If the country of use is different from the country of purchase, assistance will be provided in accordance with Selea terms and conditions.
For repairs, the goods must be shipped Ex Works or to the nearest authorized service center.

Warranty disclaimers
Sometimes we are delivered products that do NOT have any manufacturing defect but were simply wrongly programmed by the installer. Other products present physical damage due to incorrect power, if not completely awestruck. Failure in following instructions given in the instruction book and concerning the warnings regarding installation, use and maintenance of the product, forces us to exclude from the guarantee the following items:

  • connection to a non correct power source, including lightning damage and extra-tensions
  • use of the equipment outside of the range of use envisaged
  • any attempt to repair by anyone other than by Selea or authorized service center
  • improper operation or maintenance of equipment
  • improper use of the equipment outside their normal purpose of use
  • use of accessory equipment, products or devices by third parts that may damage operation
  • equipment in which the manufacturer's serial number has been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible
  • equipment adapted or modified without the prior consent of Selea, including (without limitation): improvement of equipment beyond specifications or features described in the user instructions, or modifications to the equipment in order to make them compatible with national standards or local technical or safety regulations in countries other than those for which such equipment had been specifically designed and manufactured
  • The guarantee does not apply to consumable parts considered subject to normal wear and tear
  • The guarantee does not apply to the loss of software programs, as well as keys or activations protection
  • the costs associated with removal, reinstallation or integration in a system
  • any damage caused to the equipment during transport to negligence of the carrier or when the original packaging has been opened and / or modified
  • The guarantee does not apply to damages caused by negligence, incorrect use and installation and does not comply with the warnings and instructions in the instruction manual, installation and / or warning labels, from misuse, damage, deterioration, lightning, phenomena atmospheric overvoltage and overcurrent, insufficient or irregular power supply, damage occurred during storage in the store or during transportation of the product from point of sale to the customer, installation, adaptation or modification of the product, or to damage caused by improper use or not in accordance with the technical and / or safety requirements in the country where the product is used

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